We embody ideas

We design responsive, modern websites that interact with the public.

Let the world know you're here.

We are skilled in most programming languages and platforms.

We can provide, provision, maintain, and manage your servers.

We can engineer a database to meet any need.

technological potential + creative inspiration = effective presentation
When someone views your website, they are giving you the opportunity to use their very advanced computer to give them a presentation.
In order to fully exploit that opportunity, you need both technological and creative talent. We provide both as services.
Reliable delivery and distribution of your message.
Without the proper infrastructure, even the best presentation won't be seen.
We possess the infrastructure needed to host your website, deliver video on demand, stream live video, and distribute your message through systems such as Roku.
Take full control of your data
The full potential of data collection and analysis can only be reached through a custom database solution.
Oportunities often lie undiscovered and dormant because of an insufficient database solution.
Automate your business decisions.
Many business decisions can be automated to dramatically increase responsiveness and consistency.
Business intelligence can be implemented at several tiers depending upon the solution's architecture. Each tier has its own technological requirements, advantages, and idiosyncrasies.
Private Streaming Solutions
We can engineer private streaming solutions for virtually any need.
If you have an organization, institution, or business - you have a captive audience that could be better informed of your message if you could present it with a video stream.

Emergilent Technologies is a full service technology company providing solutions to simple and complex business needs. Contact us for a quote on any technological solution you require.

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